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Single Platform to Manage Anomalies

Across Your Commercial Value Chain

Powerful real-time AI-ML based platform that auto-incorporates new patterns to build the intelligence into the system to detect anomalies

Fight Frauds

Detect & mitigate frauds, save revenue loss

Manage Financial Crimes

Manage Financial Crimes

Detect financial crimes at every financial transactions, stay compliant

Anomalies Detection

Detect anomalies in your production line

Detect anomalies in data coming from any sources, save time & money

Predictive Maintenance for your Assets

Predictive Maintenance for your Assets

Remotely monitor your assets’ health

Key Features

Enterprise-wide data aggregation

Integrate data from various sources across your enterprise

Powerful engine to detect anomalies

AI-ML powered solution to detect anomalies faster & more accurately

Deeper Insights for the analysts

Easy drill-down capabilities for deeper insights

Connect & collect with IoT Extension

Connect & collect with IoT Extension

Choose the deployment model that works for you

Public Cloud-Based Platform

Hybrid-Cloud Implementation

On-Premise Implementation

Cloud deployment