Data Science Content Development

With the uses of data science and predictive modeling comes in the form of trip-planning tools, where customers can set locations, dates, miles program memberships, hotel needs, and other factors that affect travel details. These products mark an evolution toward user-friendly data science, with tools that essentially turn the customer into the data scientist, allowing them to create their own models to return desired results. At Algoritmo deep knowledge of data science and data analytics is given. The proper concept of machine learning is taught along with deep learning on AI is provided as well. Statistics analysis plays a big role in web development, by the platform of Algoritmo you can attain knowledge on it in depth. You can develop brilliant content for your enterprise when you have hands-on knowledge of python, R, SPSS. We’ve even seen data science and predictive modeling utilized by influential companies such as Ai. Your retail and manufacturing sector is strengthened with modeling and forecasting knowledge.

We develop in-depth learning contents for universities, training institutes and corporate houses for their in-house training requirements. Created by academicians from prestigious institutions like IIT and industry experts with 18 years of experience in various verticals.

Learning formats: Presentations, Case Studies, Projects in R & Python, Quizzes, Additional Readings, and Videos

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