About Us

Finding a gap of knowledge between students and real-world execution knowledge, our founder – Dipayan Sarkar – began taking fresh graduates under his wing to help them grow as data analysts and scientists. He guided these students and providing them with essential knowledge for their future employment. His passion for the data world is evident, and he is always happy to share it with like-minded individuals for the growth of the industry.

Here is where our Algoritmo Lab story begins.

While teaching at various prestigious Indian universities, he soon was approached by the institutes to develop contents, keeping in mind to ensure that real-world knowledge is integrated into the syllabus for the benefit of the students.

We have grown over the last couple of years, expanding the courses that we develop – such as Python for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning using Python and Artificial Intelligence for Leaders, and many more.

Algoritmo Lab now develops a wide range of data science courses for top institutions, training centers, and corporation – in both India and Singapore. In conjunction with our belief that the real-world scenarios take front and center stage, the expert trainers (for classroom sessions and corporate training) we work with share the same sentiment focusing on preparing students to be ready for work.

We have the capabilities to provide assistance on Advanced Analytics, Statistics, and Mathematics foundation to Data Science & Machine Learning aspirants, undergrads, and postgraduate students; and guide them for their analytics, data science, and machine learning projects.

As we have grown, the team has grown with us. Algoritmo Lab provides corporate consulting on data analytics to address the Corporation’s requirements. From text analytics to big data solutions – we have the in-house expertise to find you the solution you require.